Natural Cleaning

Natural Cleaning

EEQO’s cleaning products are always biodegradable and when possible contain 100% natural ingredients made out of plant extracts and essential oils. We also carry a revolutionary new range of products based on probiotics. These even work environmental enhancing because of the use of good microorganisms.

Unfortunately it (still) isn’t possible at this time to create all products out of 100% natural ingredients. We continuously keep working on these products, but until then we label our products so you always know what you are using. Our 100% natural products carry the name AllNatural. Our biodegradable and ecological maintenance and cleaning products are labeled BioQlear. And last but not least, our new revolutionary assortment of probiotics carry the label ProBio.

Although EEQO carries these 3 different labels you can be assured that all of our products are always effective, affordable and environmental friendly.


EEQO’s AllNatural assortment contains 100% natural ingredients. AllNatural products contain mainly plant extracts and essential oils. Because of the 100% natural ingredients the AllNatural products are safe for humans, animals and the environment.


EEQO’s BioQlear assortment contains products that are completely ecological and biodegradable. BioQlear products contain ingredients that can be broken down by nature and are therefore safe for humans, animals and the environment.


EEQO’s ProBio product range includes a range of revolutionary products based on probiotics. The ProBio products contain good microorganisms that clean at a microscopic level and have a long lasting effect. The microorganisms work up to 3 days after use.

ProBio makes disinfection products obsolete because the good microorganisms within our probiotics replace the bad microorganisms. The ProBio products are even environmentally beneficial and thereby contribute to a healthier and safer environment for humans and animals.

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