Products with a story

Products with a story

At EEQO we want to contribute to a better, healthier and cleaner world. We do this by stimulating natural, ecological en environmental enhancing cleaning products. EEQO carries products for both the professional and for the consumer market with our brands RHINOC, RHINOC Sport and SeeSoo.

At EEQO we strive to create a better world every day. That is why our company is built on our 10 fundamentals which are incorporated in every aspect of our business. We are continuously working to improve ourselfs and our products through our EEQO Sustainability Chain.

Natural cleaning

We strive to make everyone clean with 100% natural cleaning products. All of our products are environmentally friendly, most of our products are even formulated with plant extracts or probiotics. This way you can be assured all of your EEQO products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

 EEQO Sustainability Chain

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