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Today still most cleaning products contain chemical and toxic ingredients which pollute our environment. At EEQO we strongly believe that this needs to change. That’s why all EEQO products are environmental friendly. Our brands RHINOC, RHINOC Sport and SeeSoo are affordable, easy to use and have amazing cleaning results. And most important of all, they are safe for humans and the environment.

We would love if you would join us in our mission. This way you don’t just clean in a natural way but you also contribute to a cleaner, healthier and a better world!


RHINOC Sport is EEQO’s taugh and powerful brand. The AllNatural, BioQlear and ProBio ranges are primarily developed for professional cleaning. The RHINOC products are suitable for the construction industry, automotive, hospitality and for professional cleaning companies.

RHINOC’s range contains All Purpose cleaners, Sanitary- and Floor Cleaners, Degreasers, Graffiti Cleaners and more. With RHINOC we support our continuing battle against poaching of rhino’s and elephants.
Do you want to learn more? Please visit www.rhinoc.eu.


  • Construction
  • Automotive & Transport
  • Professional Cleaners
  • Healthcare
  • Building & Maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Recreation
  • Hospitality
  • Home & Garden

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RHINOC Sport contains the best maintenance and cleaning products for athletes, equipment and gyms & clubs. All of the RHINOC Sport products are developed with the performance for athletes in mind.

With RHINOC Sports EEQO supports good initiatives for the well-being of children.


  • Professional Cleaners
  • Sport & Recreation


SeeSoo is EEQO’s intelligent and natural brand. SeeSoo’s AllNatural and BioQlear ranges are primarily focussed towards maintenance and cleaning of screens, glasses and various household devices. SeeSoo maintenances and prolongs the life of devices and items that you use on a daily base. The SeeSoo range consists of screen cleaners, lens cleaners and glass cleaners and much more.

With SeeSoo we support the ongoing mission to reduce the plastic waste on our planet. For more information please visit www.seesoo-optics.com.


  • Telecom & Electronics
  • Optics
  • Household & Garden