EEQO Fundamentals

The core values our company is built on.

Making a difference.

At EEQO, we strongly believe that we can create a better, healthier and cleaner world together. With our customers we want to raise awareness that stopping the use of toxic cleaning products is achievable and crucial for creating a healhier eco system and environment. With our brands RHINOC, RHINOC Sport and SeeSoo we supply our natural products to the professional market and the consumer market.

The fundaments on which our mission is built consists of the principles and core values. We call these fundamentals the “EEQO Fundamentals“.

We want to make a difference

Because we are convinced that the only way to create a cleaner, healthier and a better future is to be respectful towards nature and our direct environment.

Collaboration is essential for success

Making a difference cannot be done alone. At EEQO we realise this. That’s why collaboration with our suppliers and customers is essential to ensure the success of our mission.

Only natural and/or environmental enhancing products

We are always looking for the best natural and ecologic recipes and solutions for several cleaning challenges. With our revolutionary probiotic cleaning products we can even say that it’s environmentally enhancing!

All of our products have to be affordable

We believe that the only way to ensure the future of natural and sustainable cleaning is to offer them at an affordable price.

Create awareness

We primarily try to make a difference by selling our sustainable cleaning products. But this doesn’t mean we aren’t continuously striving to create awareness that together we can create a better world.

Personal & Accessible

At EEQO we pride ourself in our personal, open and accessible way of communication. Respect for our partners, customers and every body else who is involved is most important to us.

Serious & Fun

We have a serious mission and a great ambition with EEQO and our brands. This doesn’t feel like a heavy burden to us.
On the contrary, full of enthusiasm and pleasure we love working with our suppliers and partners. Why? Because we believe in our mission for 100%! We hope that our enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious to our customers and environment.

Learn and grow every day

Although we are ambitious we are modest and realistic at the same time. We strive to learn and grow every day. We are convinced that the small improvements can have a big impact on the long term.

Sustainable Chain approach and integration

By continuously improving our process of recycling and up cycling we try to make a difference. We are aware of the environmental pollution of plastic waste. That’s why strive to be as environmentally neutral as possible.

We love to give back

“EEQO supports the planet”. 1% of our turnover we donate towards great initiatives that improve, clean and make a healthier environment and planet.