Charity & partners

EEQO loves giving back. We call this: “EEQO supports the planet”.
This means we donate 5% of our revenue to great initiatives that support our nature and environment.

EEQO supports initiatives like:


Amazing charities we are proud to be a part of.

The battle against the poaching of rhino’s and elephants.

With our brand RHINOC we support the rhino’s and the elephants. Two beautiful and powerful animals that are threatened with extinction. A mortal sin, so we want to contribute in the fight against poaching of these giants. EEQO does this, among other this, by supporting Shadow View. Shadow View is an initative by the Rabobank Ondernemer van het Jaar (Rabobank Entrepreneur of the Year), Laurens de Groot. For more information about our contribution please check

Reducing plastic waste.

Plastic waste pollution is currently one of the world’s greatest environmental threats. With our brand Seesoo we support several projects who work on reducing and removing plastic waste on land and sea. One of the initiatives that we support is Waste2Weave. Waste2Weave is a initiative in India that has been founded by Vision Textiles.

For more information about our contributions against plastic waste please visit


Our Partners we are proud to be collaborating with.

Besides the great initiatives and charities we support we also love working with our partners.

Shadowview Foundation

Shadowview is the first non profit organisation in the world that uses unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for humanitarian projects and the environment. Shadowview believes in worldwide sharing of knowledge and combining powers. That is why Shadowview lets other organisations worldwide profit of their expertise, operators and technology. Shadowview help with raising funds, writing proposals and approaches their supporters to donate. This way, not only their own, projects will be realised but they also help other great initiatives with social importance.

Waste 2 Wear

Waste2Wear is introduced by Vision Textiles, a successful company located in China that has been founded by Monique Moissan. Monique is a dutch entrepreneur with an amazing network and a praised reputation in the textile industry.
Waste2Wear processed plastic waste into thread, fabric and finished products. The entire value chain is monitored so that the products are of high quality and meet all the requirements of safety and durability.


Companies and people who support and believe in our mission.

Waka Waka

WakaWaka (‘bright light’ in Swahili) develops, produces and sells ‘high-tech-low-cost’ lamps and chargers which work on solar energy.

1.2 billion people in the world have no access to electricity and millions of others are being confronted with power outages on a daily base. The effects of this energy poverty are enormous. The lack of electricity and light causes a significant reduction in quality of life. The kerosine lamps that are being used as an alternate power source for light are inefficient, dangerous and expensive. But most of all, these lamps are bad for the environment and for the health of humans. That is why the WakaWaka Light and the WakaWaka Power are true lifesavers for people who have no access to electricity.