About us

About EEQO

At EEQO, we strongly believe that we can create a better, healthier and cleaner world. We want to raise awareness that stopping the use of toxic cleaning products is achievable and crucial for creating a healhier eco system and environment.


Stimulating a better, healthier and cleaner world by using natural, ecologic and environment enhancing maintenance and cleaning products. This is one of EEQO’s fundamentals on which our company is built. The EEQO fundamentals consists of ten principals and core values which are incorporated in every aspect of our business.

The team

The people behind EEQO try to make the world a better place each day by selling beautiful natural cleaning products. We believe that we CAN make a difference together with our partners, suppliers and of course our customers.

Charity & Partners

At EEQO we love giving back. We call this: “EEQO supports the planet”.
This means that we donate 1% of our turnover from our maintenance and cleaning products towards good initiatives which make our nature and environment a little bit better and healthier every day.

Contact & questions

Do you have a question, a good suggestion or do you just want to have a chat? Our team is ready for you!

If you want to become a EEQO distributor you can contact us as well.